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Mission field - Stiuca

Stiuca is a community of four villages; Stiuca, Zgribesti, Olosag and Dragamiresti. The principle village, Stiuca, is where Hope Independent Baptist Church is located. All four villages have a combined population of just under 2000. Stiuca has the highest percentage of children of any village in the county of Timis. It is about 7 miles from Lugoj.


The Lord greatly blessed on Sunday, August 26, with the baptism of  (L to R) Aneta Pitigoi, Melly Benzar and Ionica Rusnac.
What a wonderful occasion it was for our first return visit to Stiuca. Pastor Alin Manciu is doing a good job.
Alin's wife, Ica, is a good helpmeet in the ministry.
Probably the greatest spiritual victory that day was the presence of Melly's mom, Dochita Benzar (holding the white purse), and her grandparents, on either side of the group. After the service Mrs. Benzar admitted to Melly that now she understands why Melly likes coming to church so much. "I never realized how nice [the services are]". This was the first time she has attended the church. We pray it won't be the last as we also pray daily for her salvation.
Aneta was joined by her husband, Costica. He has attended church on a few special occasions in the past.
Ionica's mom, Mrs. Rusnac came to see her son get baptized. She and the rest of her family are strong Pentecostals but have been gracious enough to allow their son to follow his convictions.
From the home village church of Ica Manciu came a mandolin choir. The 15 or so mandolins and an accordion filled the church with good music.
The Lord blessed with about 100 people attending the service.
The children had to be put into a side room and others still had to stand in the door way.
During the service they sang a special - "I have decided to follow Jesus".
Melly Benzar.
Aneta Pitigoi.
Ionica Rusnac.
Witnesses to the baptism.
Bianca was saved this summer. She continues to grow in the Lord and is very faithful.
We still have a few coming from Zgribesti. On the far left is Angie. This was the first time that she has come to church in a long time. Lyn had a chance to talk at length with her. When repeatedly confronted with the issue of salvation, Angie coldly replied over and over again, "I'm a good person".

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